Advanced sapphire products for customers' leadership

Monocrystal's main strategy is to offer new products made with advanced sapphire growing and processing technologies. We develop our sapphire crystals and polished wafers to enable higher LED chip brightness, higher yields at PSS and epitaxy as well as higher utilisation rate and lower costs.

For example, extra-large crystals enable extremely high crystal uniformity across 4” and 6” wafer surface and guarantee uniform wavelength distribution. Low internal stress sapphire wafer goes through epi-process with minimal thermal bow shape deviation which results in reduced breakage rate.

Since 2016, Monocrystal has mastered the mass production of 300 kg sapphire crystals. Another milestone was the introduction of world’s largest sapphire crystal weighing 350 kg in February 2017. More recently Monocrystal became the first company to produce 6, 8 and 10-inch sapphire wafers for LED and 12-inch optical windows.

The mass production of extra-large crystals will make sapphire an affordable material for a variety of new applications in medical, consumer electronics, equipment engineering, automobile industry and gas and oil extraction industry.