Anti-Corruption and Ethics Violations Reporting

Monocrystal is interested in mutually beneficial, long-term and open co-operation with its partners, customers and employees. If you become aware of actual or potential evidence of unlawful acts, violation of regulations, laws or internal policies by employees or officials of Monocrystal, self-dealing, insulting, threats or damage to you or your business on the part of employees and officers of Monocrystal, please report it:

Calls and messages can be made anonymously

JSC "Monocrystal" guarantees that it will not allow any reprisals against persons who voluntarily informed about the impending or committed violation.

The consideration and investigation of each received appeal is carried out by the head of the internal audit department of JSC "Monocrystal" within 5 working days. Provision of an official response to the appeal is subject to the applicant providing full contact information about himself.

You can use the form on this page to send an anonymous message.
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