Extra large sapphire windows

Extra large crystals

Monocrystal launched “Extra Large Stress Free” initiative, which resulted in the world’s first 300 and 350 kg KY sapphire crystals. It allowed Monocrystal to bring 300 x 300 mm windows to the market at scale.

Working closely with our partners, we have already enabled several promising large-size applications. We have successfully achieved low stress and 100% clear aperture, crucial for ultra-large sapphire products.

Another objective of the roadmap is to move Monocrystal’s sapphire supply reliability to a new level, which is now of paramount importance, since major LED makers are increasing their capacities.

We are confident that our sapphire extra large windows will allow greater flexibility of our customers’ designs and further expand the scope of sapphire use.

Extra Large Sapphire Windows: Quality & Reliability

Outstanding resistance to extreme environment

High temperature (up to 2000°C). High pressure (700 kg / cm2). Sea water, sand abrasive and gas etching resistance.

High mechanical strength parameters values vs. other optical materials

2nd to diamond scratch resistance (9 Mohs). Compressive strength 2000 Mpa. Flexural strength 1540 Mpa. Young’s elastic modules 345 GPa.

Superior sapphire crystal quality vs. other growth methods

Low internal stress. Hardness uniformity within sapphire component. Colorless and high purity (99,997%) sapphire. UV resistant.

Technology leadership

World’s first 300 and 350 kg KY sapphire crystal. 140 - 300 kg crystals in mass production. Up to 300 mm optical parts with 100% clear aperture.

Your access to the largest sapphire source

Monocrystal is the largest sapphire maker with 33% global market share. Monocrystal doubles capacities every 2 years. All top processing companies consume Monocrystal’s sapphire.

Outstanding service

24/7 availability of contact persons. On-site technical support. Five sales offices worldwide. Certified ISO 9001, 14001, BS OHSAS 18001.

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