Silver pastes for automotive glass

Silver conductive paste

Silver conductive paste for automotive glass is specially designed to defog and defrost the vehicle rear windows.

Automotive industry imposes strict requirements to all the components and materials used in automobile production. Monocrystal silver conductive pastes conform to all the latest industry regulations.

Our printed pastes have perfect visual appearance compatible with both transparent and tinted glass.

Monocrystal silver paste demonstrates excellent ageing resistance confirmed by abrasion and acid environment tests. Adhesion >20 kg is guaranteed.

Our special focus is on conformance to European RoHS environmental regulation. That is why Monocrystal silver conductive paste for automotive glass is lead and cadmium free.


  • AGH-A-60 – 60% silver content
  • AGH-B-65 – 65% silver content
  • AGH-A-80 – 80% silver content
  • AGH-B-88 – 88% silver content

Silver Pastes for Automotive Glass: Quality & Reliability

Excellent visual appearance

Precise coloring after firing.

Fine-line printing

Below 3 mm.

High Adhesion

> 20 kg

Excellent ageing resistance

Smart Product Customization

Prompt recipe optimization. Full technical compatibility with customer’s production process.

Environmentally friendly products

Lead and Cadmium free. RoHS compliant.

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