Sapphire ingots

Monocrystal's sapphire ingots are the industry benchmark

Monocrystal is the world’s largest sapphire ingot manufacturer. Sapphire growing capacity of more than 100 million TIE allow our customers to buy an unlimited amount of large-diameter sapphire ingots: 4, 6 and 8-inch.

Seeking to increase the yields and help to reduce production costs of sapphire processing companies, we offer sapphire ingots longer than our competitors’, with the industry’s shortest and 100% accurately marked exclusion areas. This allows to reduce cutting costs, improve equipment throughput and produce more in-spec wafers.

Moreover, one of our major initiatives is constant material quality improvement through stress reduction in sapphire crystal lattice. It is primarily achieved by increasing the weight of crystals in mass production to 300 and 350 kg.

Sapphire ingots by monocrystal

Sapphire Ingots: Quality & Reliability

Guarantee of reliable supply

1.1 million mm of 4” ingots per month available. 150 thousand mm of 6” ingots per month. +40% sapphire growing capacity increase annually

Industry benchmark sapphire

100% colorless sapphire. No color alteration during processing or under UV exposure

Unique identity and full traceability of each ingot

All ingots traced through the whole production chain up to incoming raw material. Unique marking for each ingot is available

Better LED performance

Low EPD (< 100 cm-2) increases LED lifetime. Low internal stress provides wavelength distribution uniformity. High purity (Ti <1ppm) contributes to high LED brightness

Responsive customer service

Quotation within 8 working hours. Preliminary technical support feedback within 4 working hours. Immediate shipment notice

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