SG-wafers for next-gen LED

Superior Grade

Narrow wavelength distribution on SG-wafers:

  • Unparalleled sapphire uniformity: furnace-to-furnace, crystal-to-crystal, ingot-to-ingot
  • >1% yield improvement for tightest wavelength distribution specs
  • Wafer shape management improving wavelength distribution, both within a wafer and wafer-to-wafer

MicroLED enabler

  • 20-50 particles of no more than 1 micron in size on the surface
  • Extra-large (6-, 8-inch) sapphire wafers in mass production
  • Homogeneous crystal structure of extra-large wafers provides controlled thermal bow

Unique source of microLED-ready wafers:

  • Largest vertically integrated sapphire company
  • New factory for microLED sapphire wafers under construction
  • 50% share on extra-large (6-, 8-inch) sapphire wafers market

Zero breakage during epi-process and edge chips at dicing

  • Low internal stress sapphire material

Higher transmission in a wide range from UV to IR

  • High sapphire purity (lowest Ti and Mo content)
  • No yellowing under UV exposure

Uniform etching in PSS process

  • Single sapphire source results in excellent pattern size repeatability
  • 90% yield for D28 pattern type

Higher photolithography process yields

  • Based on precise flatness and LTV control
  • No PSS yield losses due to shot fail
  • 30% increase in PSS-line throughput by enlarging shot stepper size from 7×7 to 10×10
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