Sapphire crystal screens

Sapphire crystal screens for mobile devices

Manufacturers of premium and rugged smartphones are seeking innovative ways to increase product value. A key part of this initiative is designing a smartphone display with an exceptional resistance to any mechanical exposure. Applying sapphire to smartphone display is one of the most efficient solution in this case.

Sapphire is a unique single crystal, second only to diamond in hardness, with resistance to harsh environment, high pressure and extreme temperatures.

A sapphire screen cover is an attractive feature to differentiate a mobile device.

Sapphire Crystal Screens: Performance Leadership

Enhanced performance

Durable and scratch resistant. Hardness second only to diamond. Better touch sensitivity compared to glass. Better color rendering compared to glass.

Brand value increase

Luxurious appeal. Innovative solutions. Better user experience. Increased smartphone lifetime.

Our sapphire is industry benchmark

Monocrystal is a global leader with 33% market share. One out of 2 smartphones with sapphire component has Monocrystal sapphire.

Extra-large sapphire crystal screens enabled

Up to 12" tablets.

Proved sapphire quality

Colorless sapphire enables applications demanding high optical transmission. Extra low dislocation density (EPD < 100 cm -2). UV resistance.

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