Sapphire watch glass blanks

Exclusive European watches are a very demanding application where the quality of each component can not be compromised.

Monocrystal offers UV resistant sapphire watch blanks, which remain absolutely colorless under extensive exposure to the sunlight.

Watch glasses made of our sapphire provide excellent adhesion with different coatings, which is crucial for the premium segment. Monocrystal’s watch blanks allow minimal sapphire layer removal during polishing. It results in lower processing costs and better equipment utilization.

Effective bubble control allows customers to achieve target production yields at lower cost.

Sapphire Watch Glass Blanks: Quality & Reliability

Superior sapphire crystal quality vs. other growing methods

Low internal stress. Colorless and high purity (99,997%) sapphire. UV resistant.

Higher sapphire quality vs. other KY materials

Extra low dislocation density (< 100 cm-2). No lineage. Bubble free.

Uniform processing

Hardness uniformity within sapphire component.

Your access to the largest sapphire source

Monocrystal is the largest sapphire maker with 33% global market share. Monocrystal doubles capacities every 2 years. All top processing companies consume Monocrystal’s sapphire.

Technology leadership

World’s first 300 and 350 kg KY sapphire crystal. 140 - 300 kg crystals in mass production.

Outstanding service

24/7 availability of contact persons. On-site technical support. Five sales offices worldwide. Certified ISO 9001, 14001, BS OHSAS 18001.

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