Sapphire wafers

Our production and R&D of polished sapphire wafers are mainly focused on helping our customers to achieve competitive advantages on the LED market. Our sapphire wafers contribute to improved customers’ yields, increased LED brightness and narrowed wavelength distribution.

For this reason, we develop new technologies and improve our wafers by reducing internal stress of grown crystals, enhancing wafer geometry and creating exclusive cleaning technologies, which satisfy customers’ current needs and market trends. This is why one of our recent achievements was the launch of our Ultra Clean wafers designated for microLED and PSS with an increased yield.

An indispensable component in mass LED production

A majority of LEDs are grown on sapphire wafers. Monocrystal was the first company to introduce 6-, 8- and 10-inch sapphire wafers to the market, in anticipation of the industry trends. Now the company holds a leading position on 6- and 8-inch wafer market. The key LED parameters depend on the surface quality of a sapphire substrate.

Sapphire Substrates: Quality & Reliability

Ultra-clean wafers provide process sustainability

Conventional PSS without pre-cleaning. Zero pattern loss at nanoimprinting. µLED-ready

Higher photolithography process yields

Based on precise flatness and LTV control. No PSS yield losses due to shot fail. 30% increase in PSS-line throughput by enlarging shot stepper size from 7х7 to 10х10

No need for binning due to narrow LED wavelength distribution

Low thermal bow. Precise off-cut control

Longer LED lifetime

Extra Low dislocation density (< 100 cm-2)

No breakage during epi-process and back thinning

Low internal stress sapphire material

Stable etching speed in PSS process

Single sapphire source secures uniform pattern height

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