Aluminum pastes for PERC cell design

Monocrystal aluminum pastes for PERC

Monocrystal aluminum pastes for PERC cell design provide efficiency gain of up to 0.15% and excellent adhesion, while having lower laydown rate.

Cell efficiency is the main priority for solar cell manufacturers. The switch to PERC cell design is one of the most attractive ways to deliver higher solar cell efficiency. Monocrystal was one of the first to introduce aluminum paste for PERC cells in order to meet growing market demand. We have been supplying pastes for PERC technology for more than 7 years.

Monocrystal supports collaborative R&D projects, customizing pastes for specific customer needs. Latest advanced paste solutions allow both PERC cell efficiency gain of up to 0.15% and lower paste laydown rate.

EFX-Series aluminum pastes for PERC are applicable for combined firing with other metallization components, and have good compatibility with other Monocrystal products.

aluminium pastes for Perc

EFX Series: Performance Leadership

Efficiency gain up to +0.1%

High Voc [up to 3mV]. Good local BSF formation. Voids free.

High Yields

Reduces cell breakage rate [up to 5%]

Excellent reliability

High adhesion on passivation layer [> 20N]. No dielectric damage. Strong water resistance [no reaction over 15 min]

Perfect morphology

Beads free. Smooth rear surface after firing.

Smart product customization

Available for different laser patterns. Prompt recipe optimization.

Low bow

Below 1,5 mm

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