Alumina sintering machine «Crystal-OXID»


The machine is intended to melt and sinter special materials (ZrO2, Al2O3) in cold crucible by induction heating. Sintered material can be both in the form of grains and powder.


Preparation of raw material for synthetic sapphire manufacturing.

Components of the machine:

  • technological unit;
  • transformer;
  • capacitor unit;
  • introductory and accounting box;
  • control box;
  • water distribution station;
  • truck for unloading of ingots;
  • operator platform

Main technical specifications:

  1. Capacity:
    • 60 kg ingot sintering: 7 tons per month minimum;
    • 180 kg ingot sintering: 17 tons per month minimum.
  2. Weight of a sintered ingot: 60÷180 kg.
  3. 180 kg ingot sintering: 17 tons per month minimum.
  4. Height of a sintered ingot: up to 500 mm.
    (upon customer request, dimensions and weight of the ingot can vary)
  5. Ingot density: 3 g/cm3 minimum.
  6. Duration of sintering cycle from the process start till unloading of the ingot:
    • 60 kg ingot sintering: 5 hours maximum;
    • 180 kg ingot sintering: 7,5 hours maximum.
  7. Power consumption per 1 kg of sintered raw material: 4 kW*h/kg maximum.
  8. Transformer power: 240 kW
  9. Transformer frequency: 440 kHz.
  10. Dimensions when operating (LxWxH, mm): 5400х2000х3600.
  11. Weight: 3000 kg.
  12. Service life: 10 years minimum.
  13. Warranty period: 24 months.

Level of automation

  1. The machine operates automatically from the moment of raw ignition till unloading of the finished ingot.
  2. Automatic feeding of raw material to the melt zone with feeding speed adjustment.
  3. Automatic maintenance of temperature in the melt zone.
  4. Automatic control of the transformer power.
  5. Automatic control of the crucible movement speed.
  6. Automatic machine shutdown when sintering cycle was finished or any deviation from the assigned parameters in emergency conditions occurred.
  7. Archiving of process conditions in electronic log.

Additional specifications:

  1. Operational environment: moderately cold environment (UKHL4) under GOST 15150.
  2. Requirements to exhaust ventilation: 100 m3/h maximum.
  3. Requirements to return circuit coolant:
    • heat transfer medium: DI-water;
    • temperature of input water: 250С maximum;
    • temperature of output water: 500C maximum;
    • pressure of input water: 3,0 kgf/cm2 minimum;
    • water flow: 16 m3/h maximum.

Optionally, the company can supply the sintering technology for this equipment.

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