Monocrystal introduced world’s first 350 kg KY sapphire crystal

Stavropol, Russia, March 13, 2017 – Monocrystal, a global leader in synthetic sapphire growing and processing, recently demonstrated the world’s first 350 kg KY sapphire crystal. The 350 kg crystal is a part of Monocrystal’s technological roadmap, aimed at enabling higher crystal uniformity, more efficient large diameter ingot throughput for LED, and size-sensitive optical applications. Low bubble content, which is crucial for ultra-large sapphire products, has successfully been achieved with the 350 kg crystal. Another objective of the roadmap is to move Monocrystal’s sapphire supply reliability to a new level, which is now of paramount importance, since major LED makers are increasing their capacities.

“Our ongoing “Extra Large Stress Free” initiative is in response to challenging conditions on our main market: sapphire for LEDs. Extra-large crystals enable high crystal uniformity across a 6” wafer surface and guarantee uniform wavelength distribution. Our LED customers are able to ramp up their production securely, having Monocrystal as a reliable source,” Monocrystal’s CEO Oleg Kachalov commented.

“We also have received a very positive feedback from the non-LED market since the introduction of our extra-large crystals in 2015. Working closely with our partners, we have already enabled several promising large-size applications. We are confident that our new 350 kg crystals will allow greater flexibility of our customers’ designs and further expand the scope of sapphire use,” Monocrystal’s VP Sales Mikhail Berest added.

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