Monocrystal receives “Outstanding” performance rating from OSRAM

July 22, 2020 — Monocrystal, a global leader in synthetic sapphire growing and processing, was assigned the «Outstanding» rank in a supplier evaluation 2019 conducted recently by a major European LED-manufacturer OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH.

Monocrystal demonstrated high level of strategic cooperation, good quality of communication, service and support, outstanding quality and logistics performance, as well as good technical know-how and willingness to follow OSRAM’s requirements.

«Such a high rank from OSRAM proves the unparalleled quality of Monocrystal’s wafers, especially those of a large diameter. As a result, Monocrystal dominates six inch sapphire wafer market with more than 50% market share. Our wafers are essential for enabling applications with evolving technical requirements like mini- and microLED,» Monocrystal’s CEO Oleg Kachalov commented.

«LED industry is about to enter a new growth cycle fueled by the miniLED and microLED applications. It is going to be a challenging but very exciting time. As competition increases, we will continue to develop new products exceeding the needs of our customers. Aligning our supply chain to our R&D and cost reduction programs will be crucial for our success. Monocrystal has been our integration partner for 3 years. Since then we have had Monocrystal involved into several of our R&Ds and we are more than satisfied with the outcome of this collaboration. Monocrystal has once again proven to be a reliable supplier with a great service and deep technical know-how,» OSRAM’s Material Procurement Senior Director Stephan Maurer commented.